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XP 90: 7/10
class: small rifle
uses: backup, interceptor

This gun may seem like 1999's "gimmick" gun much like the XP 85 of 98' but it isn't like that at all. The so-called "gimmick" is a very useful tool for power and water conservation reasons. This gun really is good. Range: good but could be a lot better, Durability: solid as a rock, Colors: awesome(Denver Broncos), but no good for stealth Tank: thicker a normal tank but only 32 oz. and a cool see-thru orange, Pump: well, it works pretty well but it's just umm... a regular pump, although it is kind of small. The pulse fire is more useful as a 50% water conserver which is awesome!!! It spits powerful bursts of water by cocking back and forth(with no batteries, technology huh) like a machine gun. These shots look really cool and are twice as powerful as a steady stream. Unlike most super soakers, IT DOESNT LEAK either. Buy one 'cause it is in my opinion, the best backup gun ever. I know it will find a place in your arsenal as it has in mine.

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