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CPS 3000: ?
class: very heavy assualt mega-cannon
uses: heavy base defense, immobile gunner
God, how many CPS guns haven't I tested. This is another one. Nevertheless, I have read up on it and know a lot about it anyway. I know it holds a ludicrous amount of water in a backpack (I don't like backpacks becuase they seriously detract from your mobility and make you look like a water-gun obsessed geek, or more of a geek anyway) that connects to your gun via a hose. I would hate standing around with 2 gallons of water strapped to my back. The gun is actually smaller than the CPS 2500 becuase it doesn't hold most of the water. The gun has 4 nozzle settings: 5x, 10x, 20x, and the impractical typhoon blast (queer name as well). The 5x will have you shooting water for hours, or so I hear. The gun is around $45 (american) so I would be !*#$!@# mad if anything at all was wrong with it. Imagine wasting that much dough on a defective gun. Or what if you broke it in the first battle with it. I guess it could be an attractive gun but I much prefer guns that aren't so "intimidating" and hold their own water, etc...

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