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CPS 1000 9/10
class: heavy assualt rifle (small cannon)

uses: main, base defense

The CPS 1000 is another one of those classic super soakers that no one should be without. I would like to give this a gun a "ten" but it does have some minor flaws. (although, to me, it's the flaws that make a gun the way it is and give it personality) The CPS 1000 just wouldn't look right with a pressure gauge (well okay, maybe it would) Anyway, the gun is simply fantastic in almost every aspect. It's got the power of 5 XP's and a cool strap to go with it's slightly heavy body. The tank really doesn't seem that big but it holds 67 oz. of water. The gun is pretty reliable (i've had mine for almost a year and it still hasn't broken) except for the pump which seems a little on the "flimsy" side The gun also has decent range (around 45 feet is what I estimated). It takes a little long to pump (around 17 to full pressure) but it shoudn't be a problem if you conserve your water. The only serious problem is that it wastes your precious water SO fast that you could find yourself in a jam if you're caught in an extended battle. Other than that, a superb gun. I use mine for almost any mission becuase it's so light, powerful, and versatile.

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