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Els - 12/16/00 23:54:33
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Hi, Wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..
Christmas is a time for Love; a time for Joy and Peace; A time to trim the Christmas Tree and a time to stuff the geese. It's a time when we can come together, however far or near; To shed a little hope into a world of sorrow and fear.
Yet Christmas could be all year 'round, if only we would try To gently wipe an old man's brow or soothe a baby's cry. If we could smile throughout the year as we do on Christmas Day; Just think what happiness we'd shed along life's weary way.
To give a gift of Hope to one who otherwise has none; To be a Friend to somebody whom everyone else has shun. To be Forgiving of our faults, and of our sisters and our brothers; To Live in Peace and Harmony with ourselves and with each other.
Ah, don't you see that Christmas is more than opening up the gifts; It's more than singing Christmas Carols and rolling in big snow drifts. It's a feeling that can stay with you throughout each day, all year; And all it takes is a loving heart.....and a sensitive little tear...
Byebye from Els. Circle Of Friends..

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jt16v - 12/07/00 06:38:54

Great web site. I love it! J.V.
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- 12/02/00 20:00:25


Random Acts of Kindness

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- 12/02/00 17:17:22

img src="http://raokgroup.com/GiftShop/RAOK4.gif" alt="Random Acts of Kindness" border="0" width="210" height="222">

<center><a href="http://theraokgroup.com/index.html"> <img src="http://raokgroup.com/GiftShop/RAOK7.gif" alt="Random Acts of Kindness" border="0"></a></center><br> <img src="https://www.geocitiesarchive.org/arclc/n/a/napavalley/vineyard/7602//blue_marble_thin.gif" gbicon="1" alt="geocities archive"> <br> <!-- REMOTE ADDR: --><b>Tootie</b> - 11/04/00 07:37:39<br> <b>My URL:</b><a href="http://www.wtv-zone.com/Comeara/Recipes/2TsRecipes2Go.html">http://www.wtv-zone.com/Comeara/Recipes/2TsRecipes2Go.html</a><br> <p><b>Comments:</b><br> Great site. Love your graphics, the radish bar is cool.I tried to get info for the ring but it wouldn't GO.HMMMmmmm? Hope You check out my site. Colleen/Tootie<br> <img src="https://www.geocitiesarchive.org/arclc/n/a/napavalley/vineyard/7602//blue_marble_thin.gif" gbicon="1" alt="geocities archive"> <br> <!-- END_ENTRIES --> <center> <a href="https://www.geocitiesarchive.org/arclc/n/a/napavalley/vineyard/7602/index.html">My Home Page</a> | <a href="https://www.geocitiesarchive.org/arclc/n/a/napavalley/vineyard/7602//home/index.html">Explore Yahoo! GeoCities</a> | <a href="https://www.geocitiesarchive.org/arclc/n/a/napavalley/vineyard/7602/index.html">Get your own free homepage</a></center> </p>

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