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Each to bury the blade Their destiny told in the legend of tale From time before to time eternal To quell the flame of their other Lifetimes spent in the journey made Generations sent to the game hell played Barring the way to find the other By plac
Seeking bits of the mans soul Hunting for life Scattered, chances to find that which is sought are slim For to find them is to search the forbidden The valleys of the world The dungeons of the soul The labyrinth of the mind But treasures of life are
His love flows to all Unchoosing its targets The white flys upon black White as the clouds never cowarding from the sky Black never leaving the shadow White of love and mercy Black of hate and dishonor The blackness of evil The white yeilds love and
A drop in that water A drop that falls, flows, and stops Suchs as ones life But a river is not straight Nor is it one Like a river, life has many curves and branches Curves of chance Curves that turn into fourtune Branches that pour into destiny For
To die, fly, or cry again Plains of heaven and loves range One who makes the choice of thee Of the love, to be free Happiness lasts eternally And the soul begns to see Winds blow through fire and space Affecting souls in this place Dare the dove, da
Questions raised by that untold Understandings that just wont mold Alien inside denies reveal Like fruit of the hear that just wont peel I saw you and knew you like midsummers day The thought of you wont wish away We talk and listen and work in play
Draws the haste of the spirit Being drawn near sears Peers to the power in future of soul Life breathes power of essance Death enjoys ageless time In which hermit lies pain Pain of sin Agony of reality to emotional being The human remains struggle o
If you search your spirit You will be amazed at what you find Your spirit you find soaring As one spirit it is the mooring For there is only one spirit At the minds of humankind Yes, one spirit, it is the same Although parts of it are lame The the o
"So Called" Part 1 Why Im writing this I dont know. Why I have the will to keep living I have no clue. I guess I dont want to hurt those around me. For my life has been hell. Medical problems up the ying yang. Emotions flooding my mind. A mind
"So Called" Life-Part 2 Wow I dont know what to say. As I sat home I had my last sense of what my life was taken away. So now I am searching in a new way. My security was stolen spirit, so I have decided to search by my own way of spirit. I rece
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