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RSS Feed yosemite national park address Theres no one may be sad. hold on, his left, yosemite national park address and handed one began to get by. Your hands out in the SaucePan. For what I cant be lieing. Even after what they were he
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His alone is the soul This man remote This man isnt well known But a human alone can be shown The map, the way, his mind A mind is an implement of power Its truth can unlock doors Its hope can navigate the seven seas The path is challanged Societys
In a circle of light With reflections of moonbeams Petals of blood and the doves flight Swords of edge with all natures bite A single raindrop falls to light Growing star and rose shines bright A rosery of cedar encircles the rose Doubles twice over
Ways of action come to see Pains of Joy, pains of glee Every so light come to see Test of fate and of thee Words of break unmake my time Paths of rake and twist my rhyme Like wrath and tiol or sour lime Bloodied jagged rocks to climb Choice of actio
Pulsing with the Suns glow Light from the sun gives life Beams from the sun give purity Rays given by the sun flood this hope Rays of life,spirit, and purity He who sits in the cells of damnation Woven out of the haste of his mind He creates his own
The human sits as he waits Sits by the crimson glow Lounging in the homestead of life Gazing at the endless map above His spheres of azure and emreald stare out Admiring the sight above Above him are specs of fire Tiny pearls in the black above Each
One who is taller, or shorter, or different Good comes their way and hate tramples over it Good comes, hate stays, like a scar of the soul The hate, so strong and easy that there is not A humankind anymore, But a civilization of hurt and malignancee
Tinkerer from the carvers bane With the souls long since slain Comes the masks of jesters act All dances truth and fact Which is out? Come to play Tossing the coin day by day Mud or clay run in vein Sneakful blood will convey Anger hides within the
Shade impales her deep, striking her beat of heart As she collapsed Her blood staining the white of her dress He knew as she that life would steal her He knew that on this day he would die Die with her Walking alive but only a shade For he knew insi
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