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class: pistol uses: backup, sidearm The XP 40 is basically an XP 20 in a larger package. It doesnt seem to have quite the same mobility or range as the 20 but is still a pretty good choice for a sidearm although the 20 is a better one since it packs
class: high-powered rifle uses: main assualt Oh yeah, now were talkin. This gun is amazing, great range, very hard hitting power, easy to pump, good and accurate power guage, lots of water in a see-thru tank, POWEREFUL, and perhaps most importantly,
IDEAS a wonderful little section on all of the little crazy things you can have and do in a super soaker fight. Mines: Im sure this concept isnt too new but I will list it anyway. Water balloon mines are made by digging a small hole about 3/4 the si
class: medium cannon uses: main, gunner Ive used mine actively for 3 years now and it has yet yet to spring a leak or break. it still works great and is a valuable asset to any water fight. The two Xs stand for double barrels which basically gives y
class: heavy cannon uses: main, heavy gunner, base defense Oh yes, this gun rocks! Im sure if I had a 2000, Id like it better, but since I dont I love this one. Hard hitting power in a HUGE gun with lots of water capacity and three nozzle settings (
Creating a team : Before you even begin fighting you will want a strong, versatile and agile team. If its commandos you want you and a buddy to be then just umm... pick a buddy who is pretty experienced in waterfighting. After all, commandos are oft
XP 90 Comments: Hello Nick, This is a Nice Page Nick, Youve also got a Nice Name Nick... Why, I liked your name so much I got myself one just like it... Right.. Anyway, this page is a Good Tactics resource... Id like to say Keep up the good work,
here are overviews of your equipment. weapons under a particular category best suit that position. primary weapons here are overviews of your equipment. weapons under a particular category best suit that position.
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